Zoom coaching and mentoring services for private and individuals

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 Zoom coaching and mentoring services for private and individuals
Are you worried about your current situation? Are you looking for a professional coaching and mentor?
If your answer is yes, then you have found the right place!

This Digital service is for you that wants to work on your personal growth and I will help in developing:

  • Personal development through professional mentorship
  • Change your emotional and personal concerns to positive state
  • Clear goal setting and strategic planning
  • Work on Timeline coaching
  • Increase personal values and self- improvement
  • Support you with coaching tools and approaches to empower your leadership skills.


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 WhatsApp Booking: +46704691755 with paypal.me/ClementinaGodwin

I’m Clementina. A Professional and certified leadership coach, NLP. Hypnos. Therapist, practitioner and Timeline Coach with 10+ years industry and management experience.
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